So, we're going to do a photoshoot!  Here are a few things to keep in mind.
What to wear and what to bring
Take a moment ahead of time to decide what you'll wear.  Make sure it's not wrinkly or covered in cat hair.
Clothes you love: wear what you would to a date with your crush—your favorite underwear too
Different styles: if you wear something casual, also bring something formal, or athletic, or sexy
Be wild: It's a photoshoot—you can be a little more outlandish or creative than you normally dress.
Different colors: if you wear something bright, bring something neutral
A white or light grey shirt: whites work best with colored lighting
Accessories: a favorite hat, sunglasses, jewelry, or headphones to mix it up
Props: sports equipment, umbrella, purse, backpack, a coat even during the summer, Starbucks cup...
Comb or brush, hair product, makeup, lotion: anything you put on in the morning could be helpful just in case
How to prepare
Mostly all you need to do is to pick out some outfits.  But for extra credit...
Shave if appropriate
Skip deodorant; or at least use as little, clear deodorant as you can
Practice some looks in the mirror
Be on the lookout for cool locations if we're shooting in your area: walls, hedges, or anything else interesting
Send me photos that inspire you, if you have anything in particular in mind
How long will it take?
Expect it to take about two hours.  After the photoshoot I'll need a few days to sort through and process the images, possibly a little longer if I have multiple photoshoots around the same time.
Where are we meeting?
If we decided to meet at the Redmond studio, here's the address:
4507 170th PL NE
Redmond, WA 98052
It's directly off of West Lake Sammamish Parkway, and parking is available.  Look for the big building in back, not the small one in front.
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