After the shoot, it'll take me a while to sort through the photos and do a first round of edits.  Once that's done, I'll send you a link to a set of drafts, or "proofs."  They're not finished at that point, so please don't post or share them yet.  They're private—nobody without the link can see them.
Once you get the link, you'll need to sign in with an Adobe ID.  If you have one already use that; if not, it just takes a couple of seconds.  (I can also provide you with a "burner" account if you're concerned, but it's simpler to just create one yourself.)
1. Sign in to the proofing site
2. Mark your favorites with the checkmark button
3. Feel free to leave me notes
Keep in mind that the more images you mark, the less time I'll be able to spend on each one, so try to pick your few top favorites.  Or, if you prefer, I can just pick mine!
You definitely don't have to leave any comments.  But these kinds of suggestions are fine:
• Can you smooth out my zits?
• How would this look in black and white?
• The colors here are kind of intense; can you dial it back a little?
• Can you get rid of the woman in the background?
I can't guarantee that I can make all of the edits you want, but I'll do what I can.  After I've finished working on our favorites, I'll send you another link to where you can get some high-quality versions that are ready to share.
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